Lady in Red

Kyle and I had a spontaneous date night this weekend. He lovingly took photos of my date night look. Thank you Kyle! I still have so much fun dating you and laughing together at Disney movies.

I can’t wait to marry that boy. 






Yes. I mixed navy & black accessories. #rebel






LUST LIST: October 2014 Edition


Untitled2It’s that time again! Here are my must (wish-I-may) have’s for early fall! I wish I could pull an Oprah and give each of you, all of these. Speaking of that, have you ever done a “favorite things” party with your girlfriends? Here’s the premise: Invite 5-10 of your gal pals over and have each of them bring 5-10 of their favorite things. Are you putting the pieces together here?  Drumroll please, YES! Each of you get to go home with 10 tried and true goodies! It’s SO fun. Hostess Note: Decide on the budget cap before hand! The last time I attended one, the theme was “treat yo self” and it was probably the most fun girls night I’ve ever been to. Two word confessional: mini quiches. I ate like twelve of them. Aside from the homemade strawberry lemonade and all my new lipgloss, I think they were my favorite thing. Whew, I’m on a tangent, I’ll do a separate post about that soon so look out for it :) For now, here are my ten favorite things for October! 

1. Chloé Marcie Mini Leather Shoulder Bag. This gorgeous Chloe bag is the perfect way to accessorize any outfit for fall. It’s big enough to fit all of your essentials, but small enough to wear to those holiday parties you have lined up.

2. Eclectic Candles by Tom Dixon. I have this weird thing about candles. Well, first and foremost I love them. But secondly, I just hate to burn them. For that reason, I have candles throughout my home that have mental sticky notes on them that read ‘candles for show’ and candles for glow’. It’s serious business. These beauties would be perfect in my bedroom and definitely for show. 

3. Embarcadero Skimmer Flats by Seychelles. The perfect little classy shoe for this season to throw on and go out on the town day to night. 

4. Dinner Diaries: Reviving the Art of the Hostess. Can we just? This book. THIS BOOK! I can’t even formulate a proper sentence about it. Handwritten answers. Seating charts. Conversation starters. Menu’s. It even as blank bits so you can fill it in and share with guests. 

5. Nixon Kensignton Watch. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. I love rose gold. A lot. Chunky boyfriend watches are my favorite accessory this year. Plus, the actual boyfriend has Nixon as one of his clients, so together we’ve stocked up on quite a lot of Nixon goodies. On top of that, their main office is in San Diego, and I gotta support my local biz. Needless to say, I’m hooked! 

6. Go-to Trench. It’s timeless. It’s feminine. It’s sensible. You need one for fall. Steinnmart has some designer ones for real affordable. 

7. Etienne Dress by Elliat for Anthro. It’s everything I love in a dress & more. I love the length of this and the a-line fit. The sleeves, the color and the tasteful bits of sheer fabric. It’s a lust & a must. 

8. An Elegant Calendar. All of mine seem to be floral or pink, crazy patterned or covered in puppies. I love this one by Sugar Paper to display this time of year because it’s a bit more elegant. 

9. A Holiday Shoe fit for the Modern-Cinderella. Leftbrain and I were just talking about his holiday party at work this year. It’s a super fancy affair and I’m eyeing these puppies from ASOS for the occasion. Sidenote: last year I wore $20 heels from Forever 21 because I was in a pinch and forgot a little black pair of strappy heels to match my dress. Let me tell you something- they just about ruined my night. The extra dollas make a big difference in the shoe department.  And heaven help us if your bare, blistered feet end up running around at a fancy hotel in the city. Ugh. One of the low points of my life. 

10. Polka Dotted Silverware! Are you kitten me!? A little Kate Spade on my forks!?? And they’re only $20 for a set of four! Yes or yes? Good answer. 

What are you lusting over lately? Let me know in the comments! xx hGh

Bedroom Decor

This is a long overdue request from many of you and I’m so glad I’ve finally got around to it. Of all the rooms in a home, I think your bedroom should be the most calming. Naturally, ‘cozy/calming’ was the inspiration for this room. I chose a neutral color palette with accents of gold and silver and decided to play around with textures and patterns a little to add a cozy-ness factor. One of my favorite things about this space is all of the books. Reading is one of my favorite pastimes and as a result, I’m huge a collector of books. I kept playing around with them and decided to make them my pop of color. I organized them in colors and I’m so happy with how they turned out.  Most of my accent pieces I’ve purchased over the years at antique shops or flea markets, so unfortunately I can’t link those below for ya’. However, I did purchase most of the pillows, the lamps, and my dear deer at Hobby Lobby! I love that place! They have lots of knick knacks to spice up your space and cool fabrics to make beautiful pillows or whatever else your little heart desires. This is a picture book post so sit back and I hope you’re inspired by my little bedroom tour! 

Click Here to get 40% off one regularly priced item at Hobby Lobby! 


 So first off, my antique jewelry chest. I love this thing. It’s an inherited treasure from my Aunt and I think it’s just gorgeous. I’m in the process of repainting it and getting some cute knobs for the drawers, so that’s a work in progress … but, I like it here because I can throw on a couple accessories as I’m headed out the door and it just makes for a convenient placement.  Also, if you go to Bauble Bar and use the code FRIENDS25 you can get 25% off! 



 I like my full length mirror here for kinda the same reason. Plus, I get lots of good light right here as you can see. 


 Now for the window bench/bookshelf! The pillows I made myself with fabric from Hobby Lobby, and the tree is a fiddle leaf fig (I’m borderline obsessed). The dachshund is from Michael’s and the eiffel tower was a gift! 


PicMonkey Collage

 The bedding is super cozy because of all the different textures. Blankets on blankets on blankets is pretty much my motto and the softer, the better. Just looking at this picture makes me want to jump in! 








 Moving now to the bedside tables. This one to the left of the bed is pack full of books as you can see. I like the luxury of having my favorite linen sprays and perfumes by my bed, plus these bottles are so sparkly and pretty…I’m using them as decor and luh-ving it. Ps this is the lamp I was talking about earlier from Hobby Lobby! Cute right? 


To the right of the bed I have a little collection of silver and gold things on a white bench. The white candle holder doubles as a “hotspot” for hair ties, chap-stick  and bobby pins. Gosh by golly, can you believe it, there are MORE BOOKS in that tire/burlap bag on the bottom shelf. Don’t you love those vintage vanity accessories? I was so thrilled when I stumbled upon those at an antique shop. 


 Lastly, my ongoing project… ha! I always have on! This is a chair I found at a thrift store and I’m in the process of re-upholstering it. It’s a huge project and it’s nowhere near done. So, for now, I threw a chair cover on it so I can take my time. I’ll definitely do a post about it when I’m done! 



 Let me know if you liked this kinda post and if you’d be interested in more home decor type posts in the future! 

Thanks for reading! 






Ladylike Laws: Handwritten Notes


 Hip hip Hooray! It’s Tuesday, it’s raining, and I’m starting a new series here at HGH! Over the past few days, I’ve been spending time learning from the matriarch women in my community. I spent several hours with Loise walking through her antique shop and listening to stories about the way things used to be. I had dinner with Grace herself, my lovely grandma, and discussed the simple joys like delivering meals to people and handwritten notes. I learned about flowers, how to care for them and create bouquets from Myriam. And Barb walked with me through her farm and taught me the in’s and outs of growing your own food, gardening and living off the land.  As I looked through my notes and photographs, I decided to compile everything I learned into a new series for the blog called “ladylike laws” . #basics (is it an oxymoron that I just used a hashtag? Hey, I’m just trying to keep it real.)   


Now-a-days it’s more convenient than ever to just say thank you via text, email, or FB message. But, if you ask me, that only makes handwritten notes more special than ever! Stationary, like your wardrobe, expresses a great deal about your style. Saying ‘thank you’, congratulations, or just ‘hi’ means so much more written down on a pretty piece of paper. Call me nostalgic, but I think old fashioned letter writing is one of life’s sweet simple pleasures & I ain’t about to give it up no matter the ever-changing tech climate.  In fact, I wrote a whole other post about that so don’t get me started. For now, I’ll just get to the point: since it’s becoming so outdated, I thought it absolutely necessary to put together a quick cheat sheet on handwritten notes.

 1. Stationary Shopping Spree! 

Rule one, have stationary that you’re excited to use! I love love LOVE Ashley Brooke Designs. In fact, the picture above is of one of her stationary sets. Target has cute ones lately too, and so does Rule of thumb, have casual, semi formal, and formal notes on hand just in case. If you don’t know what to buy, I suggest a monogram as always. #obviduh (again with the hashtags… I’m impressed that you’re still taking me seriously) Anyways.. MONOGRAMS, they’re simple & elegant and can be used for both casual & formal occasions. I hereby give you permission to TREAT ‘YO SELF. 

2. Basic Knowledge

Fun fact! Did you know that the first paper mill was built in America in 1690, and that all of the paper was hand made from cotton? Just to cover all our bases, a casual stationary would be printed with flat ink and include an image of some kind like a watercolor design or something. A semi-formal tone in stationary will have raised ink print, which is called thermography. The most formal would be considered engraved, letter pressed, or gold foiled. 

3. Just How Much is Too Much Procrastination? 

 “Did you write your thank you’s yet?!” Yes, okay, everyone calm down. Lets clear the air. The acceptable time limit is three months after you receive a gift. However, that doesn’t mean you should wait until the end of February to send thank you notes after the holidays. However, if you have something like a wedding coming up, this gives you time for the bridal shower, wedding and all that jazz to all take place and then you can send one thank you note to each guest. My advice for a situation like that is to keep track in a little notebook of all the gifts you receive, who sent them to you, and which occasion they were sent on. But, I’m probably overdoing it now, so lets move on. 

4. Princess Behavior

Formal notes can be written after a special occasion like a Gala, college graduation, elegant dinner party, or wedding. If possible, reference the specific gift given and how you plan to use it and your appreciation for their involvement in your life/event/achievement. Brownie points if you use a calligraphy pen! Actually, feel free to have a brownie while you write regardless. I would… Is that ladylike? Who want’s a calligraphy tutorial?? 

5. Well this is Awkward… 

My grandma says not to ever mention the words “cash” or “money” in a thank you note. If someone has given you a monetary gift of some kind express your gratitude for the ‘very generous gift’ and possibly what you intend to do with it… as long as it’s appropriate. If you spent Grandma’s birthday money on booze for the pool party last weekend, I’d leave that out. And seriously, if you’re gonna blow money… why not the new Tory Burch flats? C’mon sister. Get it together. 

6. Big Leagues, Baby 

If you’re looking to take this to a whole ‘notha level… I suggest adding a personal touch like a picture of the gift in use, or a happy memory from the event. If it’s fitting, sometimes, (okay, most of the time…) I’ll bake a batch of cookies, or send flowers too. Fluff and cookie dough aside, simple is usually best. 

Happy Tuesday Readers! Thank you for spending some of it with me. XOXO 


Que the Queen, “When you had somethin’ to say, you’d write it on a picec of paper. Then you’d put it in the mail and they’d get it three days later…” 


DIY Pallet American Flag

I’m SO excited to share this post with you.  It’s one of those projects that turned out even better in real life than it was in my head. So here it is! My DIY Pallet American Flag! 


 This whole thing came about as I was wandering through Home Goods recently. If they don’t have those where you live, consider it a blessing in disguise because I’m basically addicted. Before I enter any Home Goods store I pray out loud in the car for the discipline to stay within my budget. Yes, serious issues. Anyways, I found a big, beautiful, wooden flag in the back of the Home Goods and I immediately fell in love. Problem: it was $250 dollhairs! I couldn’t  spend that so I left empty-handed. Thanks to my neighbors’ help, Kyle’s math skills and the bountiful supplies in my Dad’s garage, I made this one for free! The other unique thing about the this flag was that I wanted it to beckon “old glory” without using red or blue. I absolutely love how it turned out and can’t wait to put it up. I love the whitewashed look, the exposed cracks, nails and what-have-you. Ya’ll know I love this land and am sometimes a bit overly patriotic, but I actually love how neutral this is whilst still screaming All-American-Glory. 

So friends, here’s how you can make one too! (Scroll past pictures for the details) 







 (Pandora station I was loving during this project: “Needtobreathe Radio”)



  1. Determine your desired size (I wanted mine 26″ x 46″) To make all 13 stripes, we divided 26/13 and got 2″. Thank you Kyle for being so smart :) 
  2. Trim pallet wood making them whatever width you determined above – My neighbor & DAD cut me 13 strips that were 2″ wide and 46″ long. (Just because that was the longest measurement of pallet wood.)
  3. Cut two more strips the height of your flag – mine were 26″ long; these will secure your planks together.
  4. Stain 7 of the strips with a dark stain (I used Minwax dark cherry).
  5. Line up your planks with alternating colors, then put them all face down.
  6. Put a line of wood glue along your 26″ pieces and place them face down on the back of your flag.
  7. Since I picture this potentially being hung above our bed, we also opted to use a nail gun to secure the wood. 
  8. Tape off your “blue” section (where the stars go).
  9. Stain all the boards in that section (be careful not to let your stain seep under the tape… I’ve found that painting it on about an inch away from the tape and then rubbing it into the wood with a paper towel means less seepage).
  10. Using a star-shaped sponge (I cut mine from an old sponge brush and hot glued it to a wine cork!), place your stars accordingly.  I used a white paint. I really wanted to make sure I got all 50 stars on there. 
  11. Whitewash the entire flag to soften the difference between the colors.  Ps. To whitewash, just douse each plank in a healthy slathering of diluted white paint with a big brush. Then with a wet sponge, wipe down the plank and repeat until your desired “wash” is achieved. SO EASY. And yes, I’m obsessed with whitewashed eVeRyThInG. 
  12. I whitewashed about 4 times just so ya know. 

I just LOOOOOVE it and all the imperfections… the knots, the cracks, the textures. I think it’s going to compliment the warmth of the rest of my decor perfectly. You’ll definitely be seeing this in future posts about my home and wedding decor! 

Edited Notes: After reading this post, my Dad has requested a paragraph highlighting all the work he did on this project. I was laughing so hard at his reaction, I wish ya’ll could see the snapchat story of it. Also, I don’t know why he has to pronounce DIY, “D-Y-I” but he claims this was nothing I did myself. To be truthful, he hauled all the pallets for me, ripped nails out with his bare hands and cut tons of wood for me. He also wanted to also be listed as “so smart” the same way Kyle was. So there you go Dad, Thank you! Big thanks to Kyle and Hector (my neighbor) for all your help too! :)