Life of a Blogger

One of the things I like best about my hometown is that things like this are always going on.


 However, the more readers that join my family here online, the more intimidated I get about posting things like this on the internet. You’d think the opposite would be true but instead, I notice the number of views each day and the readers around the world and think, “Wow. Maybe I should act a little smarter or talk about stuff cooler than chickens, my family and my favorite foods. I should edit that picture prettier. I should update my font. I should stay more on topic. I should organize my thoughts more…”

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Mediterranean Poached Egg on Toast

This morning I tried a recipe from one of my favorite fellow food bloggers and I just had to share some snapshots of how heavenly it was. Click here to check out my dear pal Trish’s blog and treat yo self to a mighty fine breakfast tomorrow! Disclaimer: this was my first time EVER poaching an egg. I was so nervous about it! Trish makes the directions simple and the dish turned out flawless. I’ll be poaching eggs from here on out! Oh my heavens. SO GOOD.