Why Does God Make Us Wait?


God can do anything. That includes sometimes making us wait.

It seems that usually, God is not in a big ‘ole hurry about much. The scriptures even say, He is slow at going about things, carefully knitting His plan and purpose into everything. 

God promised Abraham and Sarah a child when they were a young couple, but made them wait ’till their early 100’s to bless them with Issac. Rough, you know? Especially for the whole pregnancy and delivery thing minus epidurals and Ben & Jerry’s.  Not to mention, chasing a toddler around a few years after that, yikes. 

Jesus could have healed Lazarus sometime, well, anytime in his life. But, instead, Jesus raised him from the grave after he had already endured his entire life with an awful disease. 

God could have made David the King that same day when He was anointed. 

He could have talked to Moses after a day or two alone in the dessert, instead He waited 40 years. Personal confession: I can’t even do a three day juice cleanse. Or be patient while my phone charges. Anyways…

He could have freed Joseph from the dungeon. 

He could have let Noah in on a detail or two about timing. 

Daniel, Paul, countless others. 

Let’s not forget Jesus when He hung on the cross. 

Back to me: I don’t like to wait. Most big life decisions, successful or otherwise happen on a whim for me. One second they come into my brian, the next I am going for it. I think most people can relate to this ADD style. We just about lose our marbles over slow trucks, lines at Disneyland, and preoccupied waiters. Not to mention actual real life stuff.

The problem with this mindset is that it often sneaks into my spiritual walk and has me constantly rushing to the next big thing. My perspective is that I’ve basically “got this” and God needs to start hustling if He wants to hang. Yes, I am that bad. The Lord has His hands full. 

I require bricks to the head. So, here’s one for you: rarely does God move in accordance to our color coordinated timeframe. 

A few others that I know to be true but still don’t have figured out:

  • He makes us wait to fulfill His call in our lives after He’s put the desire and passion in our hearts. 
  • He makes us wait on desires, whether it’s a baby, spouse, or new job. 
  • He makes us wait for directions when we’re stuck at a dead end. 

Abraham and Sarah prayed for a child for 100 YEARS. Heavens rain down, I can’t even handle buffering. 

David was running away for 15 years. 

Moses was in the desert for 40. 

Joseph was in the dungeon of a prison, wrongfully accused for 10 years. 

And maybe He’s making you wait right now for the same reason…

to build your faith. 

Is God really all you need? What if the cable went out? Vacation plans fell through, or if you lost your job? 

God uses waiting to develop our true character, smooth off our pretty edges, and make us realize just how badly we need a savior.

It’s during this season when nothing seems to be happening, when prayers go up and you don’t really know if He heard you or not. That is when we learn to become more like Him. In waiting, we have to grow up and get stronger in our faith out of pure necessity. To survive waiting, we need Jesus, bad. 

So, from Him, through me, to you: God hears you. He knows your desires. If He’s making you wait, He is working in your life. Rejoice! Wherever you are, know that God is right beside you and has a purpose for you, even if today that purpose is only to look to Him and wait. 

Lastly, be encouraged by the fact that He made some of the greatest men of faith, wait. He came through for them, and centuries later, the same God that raised Jesus from the grave to overcome the sin of the world, will come through for you. 

Current Happenings & Faves!

Here’s the deal. I had every intention of documenting our move, sticking to my weekly post calendar, meanwhile finishing up wedding planning, creating lots of new DIY’s/recipes for you, starting my book, and sharing a house tour. 

Welp, newsflash. Out of seven, I did two of those things. I moved, and I’m prepping for the wedding. Now that I have finally unpacked my craft boxes and I found my favorite pan, I plan to share get back on a schedule and be a better hostess to ya’ round here. However, since that has yet to occur, I thought we could just catch up a little. 

I gathered up some of my favorites as of late to share with you because they’re a lot cooler than me anyway! Lets be real. 

1. In case you’re wondering what Ina Garten’s favorite foods are… 

2. H&M now has a home decor line??? Um. Hide yo wife (and her pocket book.) 

3. I got a new bed! I can’t wait to show you more once I have everything decorated. We ordered it from Wayfair.com and I was so impressed by their quick delivery and the quality of this piece. rbeJqWn8jkryZmVrp-igNnyp2r_Ozq0yhKEPQRqrVCcvQan7UIDSVx6FGZXtBmMrnh5F4PcnXQrTexPh1tWIEk

4. Our garden roses are blooming. Naturally, so is every surface in my home. rDVxm_K18HyFNGHi3F6-qpJZ1YbPLlTktm6Mi19BsBA

 5. My current reading list. I’m just not a “one book at a time” kind of person.bJlg1HCOEIZBA2ME7Jb6hF7BPtBn5Z1-XINKgYNYZUo

6. Kyle and I celebrated his 23rd birthday at a trampoline park and it WAS FLIPPIN’ AWESOME. Note: If you must, go for donuts post jumping. IMG_8253 IMG_8288 IMG_8294

(oops all my pictures were blurry…)  IMG_8311

7. This Asian style kale salad we had for dinner the other night.  Just the pre-cut mixed greens from the grocery store and Trader Joes Sesame Balsamic with some seeds tossed on top for crunch. YUM. IMG_8318

 8. The fact that it’s already warm enough for this behavior… IMG_8371

 9. My bridal shower! Yes, that’s a rare copy of San Fransisco A La Carte in my hands. Pictured is me, FREAKING OUT (in case that wasn’t obvious). 

View More: http://lindseymariephotography.pass.us/madibridalshower

10. Cinco De Mayo! I heard the Chipotle guac recipe leaked on Twitter this morning, so get after it. And fun fact, I found out today that my brilliant fiancĂ© used to think it was “Sink-Hole” de mayo. 

Anyways, since it falls on a Tuesday, you know what we’ll be having…  eat up ya’ll! 

xo Madi


Rawsome Vegan Burrito

Friends! It’s Monday and I’m excited to share an easy recipe that packs a powerful protein and antioxidant punch! This time of year gets my feathers all in a flurry with fresh local produce abounding at every street corner. If that wasn’t enough, it’s becoming more and more real that I might dawn a bikini in the very near future with the wedding and honeymoon approaching so fast. Needless to say, I’ve been focusing on some healthy recipes. This is one of my go-to’s  lately and I hope you love it too! If you make it, tag me in your pictures or leave a comment down below! XO









Rawsome Vegan Burrito
  1. Fresh Collard Greens
  2. Handful of Fresh Spinach
  3. Chopped Red Cabbage
  4. 1/2 Cup Organic White Beans
  5. 1 Tablespoon Trader Joes Asian Salad Dressing
  6. Salt & Pepper to taste
  1. Wash Veggies with cool water.
  2. Lay one large collard leaf flat and layer with mashed beans and other chopped veggies.
  3. Sprinkle with dressing, salt and pepper.
  4. Starting at one end, fold collard leaf burrito style and lay folded side down on plate.
  5. Pour extra dressing for dipping.
  6. Enjoy!
  1. Stays fresh one day in the fridge if you are the kind that makes lunches the night before ;)
Homegrown Hostess http://www.homegrownhostess.com/





Spring Cleaning: The basics, basically

If I had a signature fragrance, it would be christmas cookie candle with a spritz of Swiffer spray. 

Soft, sweet and welcoming but also just a touch too intense and known to cause a mild headache from time to time.  I do not have a further connection to draw, other than admittedly falling smack dab into the overly generalized gender role I have come to represent. I love to cook and I love to clean. Some twenty-two year olds like, concerts and I like, am really concerned with organizing my china cabinet, and spending an hour making my bed so it looks like the one I just saw in Anthro last week.

That said, I’ll be harnessing my inner domestic goddess and sharing some tips for spring cleaning today! Can you believe it’s nearly spring? Bust out the chocolate bunnies and pastel confetti! 

*quickly sweeps that up…

This intro has been a mess. Let’s get cleaning!

 Author’s Note: Surprising as it is, writing is a strong suit of mine. I am infinitely worse at this english language thing through my mouth. If you’ve come this far, you’re a champion reader


1. Get Basic.  I fill a bucket with the stuff I need to tidy things up and tote it from room to room as I clean sweep the place. Then, I leave it in the room where I left off as a reminder to pick up cleaning there next. I stock it with all-purpose and glass-cleaning sprays, a sponge, a toothbrush, a squeegee, a scrub brush, and terry-cloth towels. I only use natural organic products since I have sensitive skin. I like Method and JR Walkins products best. 


2. Make Your Bed First. A well made bed immediately makes an impact. It’s important to get momentum rolling right away so you don’t get sucked down a rabbit hole organizing receipts for an hour and look up to realize the house is still a mess. While you’re at it, toss or donate old, or deflated pillows and pill-y sheets. Spring is also when I allow myself a bed linens update. For an easy and inexpensive duvet cover, use two flat sheets. Place sheets back to back, and sew around the perimeter, allowing for a 1/2-inch seam; leave an opening at the bottom. To close, sew twill-tape ties or velcro tape to the inside edges.* Extra Tip: Fold bedsheets and place them in corresponding pillowcase. 


3. Starting from the bottom is a really dumb idea. Especially for a shirt. When you clean a room, start at the ceiling and move down. This took me forever to figure out, but it really makes cleaning easier and more efficient. If you think about it, you have to put things away before you can clean the surfaces and dusting essentially knocks dirt back onto the floor. I like to work in this order; (make the bed), dust, sort, de-clutter, store, clean surfaces, freshen linens (or fluff pillows and fold blankets on couches), and then get to sweeping, vacuuming and moping. 


4. Restock. This should happen every six months. I use the day we switch the clocks as a reminder. Restocking the basics includes laundry essentials like soaps, stain removers and detergent, cleaning supplies for under the sink, and pantry basics like flour, sugar and salt. Ok so there’s a lot more to pantry basics and that could be it’s own post, but you get the picture. It’s also a good idea to include batteries in this process for smoke detectors and alarms. 


5. Face it, you’re not sure how old that mustard is.Wait, when’s the last time we had hot dogs? Oh yea, I remember, that one time, in college…” Cleaning out the fridge is daunting. But, obviously it’s important to do on a regular basis and helps you make better use of what you have. Working systematically, top to bottom, is a good way to get it done quickly. Check things for expiration dates and toss stuff if you can’t remember what it is or when or where you had it. Put everything left on the counter and deep clean the shelves, drawers, and doors. Consider stopping at the container store to pick up some clear bins to help organize. (Remember to replace the water filter if you have one too). 


6. Switch the direction of your ceiling fans. I learned this from Martha Stewart. So, obviously it’s legit. Clockwise for cold weather, counter-clockwise in the warmer months. The direction of your ceiling fans can warm and cool your home more efficiently. Clockwise creates an upward draft, redistributing heat, and counter clockwise provides a pleasant breeze. 


7. Count to 50. When it comes to closets, I (try) to limit the hangers to 50.  If I go over that, I know it’s time to purge a few things I’m not wearing or store them for a different season. 


8. Deep clean carpets and rugs. I’d be lying if I said I only do this twice a year. Carpets freak me the heck out. Fear factor: sleep on the un-vacuumed carpet. Nope, keep the million, I’m out. I watched a Discovery Channel series about germs as a kid and I still have the visual burned into my brain of dirty carpets just crawling. I won’t go into it, but things get way more exciting if you have pets. Yikes. Check that box. Anyways, you can toss most rugs into a high heat wash and buy a steamer to deep clean those carpets. (Or just hire a professional).  


9. Wash curtains and blinds. Most curtains can be washed at home, but you may want to check the fabric or tag to be sure. If not, just drop them at a local dry cleaner. Blinds are a big task. I recommend just breaking it down room by room. 


10. Devote an hour to cleaning up your technology. I’m terrible at this. However, since I’m the queen of this castle, I recommend you do it. Seems like a nice idea. I hear that cleaning up your hard drive, deleting pictures from your desktop and deleting annoying Facebook friends is a really “good thing” to do. Try it, let me know how it is. I ain’t got time for that. Switching the direction of my fans though? Yea, all over it. 


*Pandora stations you might need: Van Morrison, Parade of Lights, Hall & Oats Radio, The Eagles, Dance Cardio, Eric Hutchinson Radio. 

XO, Cinderell-y